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  With the popularity of the Internet, all walks of life have developed, of course, it has also developed rapidly, but due to the cultural barriers in various regions, it has seriously affected the research and development of new technologies. Therefore, it translation needs to be done well at this time. What should we pay attention to in order to do it translation well


  1. For the mastery of language skills, the language skills here refer not only to foreign languages, but also to the mastery of mother tongue. Students who have been learning foreign languages for a long time will inevitably be contaminated with the sentence grammar of foreign languages in their language habits, which is a harm to their mother tongue. It is very important for it translation to be proficient in transforming mother tongue and foreign languages.


  2. Understand it industry and know well the professional information in IT industry. As a highly specialized translation, it industry language has its own system. In the process of translation, translators are required to master most of IT knowledge, be able to master the professional terms of IT industry, and be able to translate the professional knowledge in it papers, magazines and newspapers accurately and professionally.


  3. Keen on IT industry, timely update their own knowledge system. As one of the fastest growing industries in recent years, it industry is updating its knowledge system at a very fast speed. It has a technology end update almost every day. This requires translators to be able to update their own knowledge system in a timely and synchronous manner and connect with the international community so as to translate relevant documents in a professional, accurate and standardized way.


  4. It translation is rigorous and capable. As a technical industry, the translation requirements of IT industry are different from those of literary works. It often does not need to study the rhetorical issues, but requires the translation language to be rigorous and concise, to be able to express the meaning of the text most clearly and clearly, to avoid ambiguity or even wrong words and sentences, so as to ensure the reduction of the translation.


  5. It translation should pay attention to confidentiality. It translation involves high and new technologies, some of which are very critical, involving trade secrets and even national security. Therefore, in the process of translation, translators should strictly abide by professional ethics and keep secrets for customers.




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