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Beijing Translation Corporation News: Reviewing General Secretary Xi Jinping's political career coincides with China's magnificent 40-year reform and opening-up process. In Zhengding, the beginning of reform and opening-up surged, he led the local people to liberate productive forces, get rid of poverty and become rich; in Fujian, he set up special economic zones to create a good environment for foreign investment; in Zhejiang, reform and opening-up had achieved certain results, he began to focus on the development of less blue sea areas; in Shanghai, he focused on Party building, the development of high-tech, and encouraged Shanghai to do a good job of "national reform and opening-up". The platoon leader. It is not difficult to see that General Secretary Xi Jinping's reform measures during the period of local administration are in line with each other and continue to enrich and develop.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up, CCTV has launched a series of special features of Xi Jinping's Reform Footprints, which will take you along with the reform footprints of the General Secretary to review the magnificent reform process in China and to appreciate the reform ideas and open minds of the people's leaders.

On October 27, 2007, Xi Jinping left Shanghai for the Central Committee.  Looking back on his work experience in Shanghai, he said with deep feeling: "I share joys and sorrows with the people of Shanghai, and help each other in the same boat. I have a feeling of inseparability for Shanghai."

Although Xi Jinping was appointed Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee for only seven months, he went down to the grass-roots level, did research, grasped Party building and sought innovation, made clear goals and directions for Shanghai's development, won wide recognition of local cadres and masses, and made important contributions to the overall situation of reform and opening up in China.



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